Dr Dawud Bone is headteacher of Darul Uloom Al-Islamiah and a specialist in Islamic Education

Dr Dawud Graduated from Bradford University with an honours degree in Civil and Structural Engineering. He then Completed a PGCE from The University of Leeds and taught for 2 years in Schools before returning to Engineering. After 5 years as a Bridge Engineer and 2 years as a Research Fellow at Reading University researching advanced computing techniques for configuring elements of construction he then returned to Education to work briefly in Lahore Pakistan before taking up a senior position managing Yusuf Islam’s group of schools and companies.

Whilst working as a research fellow for Coventry University he provided consultancy to a number of Islamic Schools and then took a part-time consultancy position at Jaguar Cars which enabled him to pursue a Professional Doctorate in Education at Warwick University. His doctoral studies included Personal and Social Education and Religious Education and his thesis was a study of attitudes towards learning about other faiths in British Darul Ulooms.

Dr Dawud supported the Shared Futures faith-school linking project as the Muslim Schools adviser  and then was appointed as a Director of the Centre for the study of Muslim-Jewish Relations at the Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths. Whilst working there he also wrote a regular column for EMEL, the Muslim Lifestyle Magazine.

Upon receiving his Doctorate Dr Dawud took up a series of positions as Headteacher of Islamic Schools in London and Bristol. He completed a one year research fellowship at Cambridge Muslim College researching Islamic Psychology and its application to pastoral care in Islamic Schools, and then took over the Course leadership of the Masters in Islamic Education at Markfield Institute of Higher Education where he also taught Research Methods.

Dr Dawud was appointed Headteacher of Darul Uloom al Islamiah in June 2019. In addition to holding this position he is an Academic Adviser for the Ibn Rushd Centre and a member of the Coventry and Warwickshire SACRE.