Shaykh Morshed Alam completed his basic training as an Alim at Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham in 2006. Following this, he was awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. Here, he completed his BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. Simultaneously, Shaykh Morshed Alam completed a diploma in Media Studies with a specialty in Journalism from the Latin American University in Egypt. Shaykh Morshed also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers from Cairo University in Egypt. While studying in Egypt, Shaykh Morshed obtained Ijaza from many renowned scholars in Tajweed, Hadeeth, and Arabic language. After returning to the UK in 2013, Shaykh Morshed completed his Masters in Islamic Finance, Banking and Management at Newman University. Additionally, he completed a certificate course in Islamic Microfinance from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany, in 2018. Most recently, in 2019, he attained certificate courses in ‘Commercial Real Estate Development’ and ‘Financial Management’ from the prestigious Cornell University, USA. He is also a qualified PMD Pro (project management for NGO sector) trainer.

Regarding his professional experience, Shaykh Morshed taught at Darul Uloom Islamic High School upon his return from Egypt in 2013. Following this, he took up a position as Teacher of Arabic Levels 1, 2, and 3 at the Muath Trust. Further, he taught Arabic at the QAF Foundation. Further, Shaykh Morshed acted as the Adult Courses Manager at Abrahamic Foundation, Birmingham, where he successfully developed and delivered courses on Arabic language, Tajweed, Seerah, Islamic History (Spain), and Fiqh. Shaykh Morshed also taught Arabic A-level and GCSE Islamic Studies at The Arabic School in Castle Bromwich. Shaykh Morshed Alam also volunteered with the NHS as a Muslim Chaplain and a consultant for Arabic for All (producer of Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadaik). He is also teaching an Islamic Inheritance course at Ibn Rushd Centre of Excellence for Islamic Research in Birmingham. Currently, Shaykh Morshed Alam is the Programme Manager at one of the largest Islamic INGOs in the world. His area of specialisation is Arabic language, comparative jurisprudence (Fiqh al-Muqaranah), Qur’anic studies, Hadith studies, Islamic Inheritance, Maqasid Shariah, Islamic history, theology, Islamic finance, Islamic Microfinance, and project management.